D.C. Air National Guard ‘storefront’ recruitment office extends community engagement

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. Arthur Wright
  • 113th Wing

Twenty-four-year-old Joseph Campisano has attained two degrees, a good career with the Department of Defense, and a competitive salary, yet he says there’s something missing.

“I feel like I’m not doing enough, and I want to be able to do more,” he said. “Service has always been in the back of my mind.”

And it’s his ambition for more through service that’s brought him to the new recruiting office for the 113th Wing, District of Columbia Air National Guard, in Brandywine, Md.

“I just love flying, so it’s an easy decision,” Campisano said. “The goal for me is to be a pilot, and the (D.C. Air National Guard) will afford me the opportunity to continue what I’ve started while achieving other goals.”

Working with walk-in prospects like Campisano is Staff Sgt. Briana Rohena, a D.C. Air National Guard recruiter.

“It’s nice to have actual walk-ins now,” Rohena said. “People could be shopping – a mother, father, or teen could be out and about and just notice our signs. They don’t have to sign-up, get access to the base, or repeatedly try to call us. The public can just walk-in and have their questions answered from the source.”

The recruitment office located at opened Aug. 14, and makes the mission to recruit more accessible to both the public and recruiters. Some Guard members even attended some of the nearby schools they frequent.

“We live here, work here, and serve here,” Rohena said. “Our goal is to help people and share the opportunities for education to travel, whatever that may mean for the individual. We want wants best for the D.C. Air National Guard: Qualified applicants, recognizing skills they’re good at, and learning how they can best suit the mission.”

In addition to flexibility in a new skill, the D.C. Air National Guard offers bonuses in certain career fields, and there’s also tuition assistance

“The new storefront better allows us to be seen, introduce ourselves and change people’s lives,” said Master Sgt. Marissa Graham, recruiting flight chief. “We’re people with aspirations, goals, and careers, who decided to join the military. We’re a part-time component with a nationally recognizable mission and you can contribute, too.”

The new storefront office doesn’t change the level of community engagement Graham’s recruitment team is synonymous for in the Washington metropolitan area. They’re still traveling to schools, sporting events, festivals and anywhere else the masses congregate, weekly.

“We want more people to know who we are, and the benefits and resources the D.C. Air National Guard offers,” Graham said.

Sentiments echoed by Capisano is still learning about the Wing’s mission and how he could possibly contribute.

“There’s a lot of different options in the Guard,” Capisano said. “We see the planes in the air, but there’s a lot of opportunities to be a part of it.”

The D.C. Air National Guard storefront office is located at 15902 suite C, Crain Highway, Brandywine, Md., 20613.

Call 240-583-9999 to learn more.