Welcome to the Capital Guardians

Congratulations on making the decision to serve your country and community!
You are the next generation of leaders, and will inherit the torch passed down from Guardian to Guardian since 1802. You are now part of a tradition of excellence, integrity, service and honor: Be proud! Whether you are here for the next six years, or the next 20, we are excited to see where your career takes you, as well as rejoice in all of the incredible things you will accomplish right alongside you. 
While you are awaiting Basic Military Training (BMT), you will be assigned to Student Flight during Regularly Scheduled Drill weekends (RSDs). During your time in Student Flight, you will be given tools, training and knowledge that will help prepare you to successfully complete BMT, as well as introduce you to military life. Welcome, "Airman," to the District of Columbia Air National Guard. Thank you for your service. 

General Information

​Student Flight meets each drill day morning in front of the Joint Base Andrews Visitor's Center: 1832 Robert M Bond Dr, Joint Base Andrews, MD 20762, the building directly behind the state flags. If you drive all the way to the security gate, you have gone too far and passed the building. 

Download the "113th Wing" app on your phone. The 113th Wing official app contains a unit phone number directory, the drill schedule, Basic Training Fitness Chart (click on the Fitness link in the app)and much more useful information

Student Flight Tips

  • On your first day of drill, come dressed to Student Flight in PT (physical training/gym) gear (unless the schedule states otherwise). Immediately after Roll Call, student flight participates in group workout. If you do not have a CAC (Common Access Card) yet, you will need to catch a ride with another student flight teammate who has a card, and can formally escort you onto base.


  • Bring a backpack with you with bottled water, deodorant, towel, shower sandals and other shower toiletries. Include a plain white or black T-shirt and blue jeans or khakis/black dress pants. No holes in jeans! Sneakers are ok. This outfit is what you will change into after working out. If your recruiter gave you an Air National Guard T-shirt, then bring this as your after-workout attire.


  • In your backpack, include your military paperwork folder and your ID. You may need these during your Admin Duties sessions, as needed for the schedule.


  • Wait until you are "gained" before attempting to get a CAC card. What does that mean? If you are not in the system yet, you won't be able to get a CAC card.


  • Equips login expires in 30 days. Complete it ASAP or you will have delays in your processing.


  • Start memorizing the Airman's Creed and Rank Chart below. Student Flight recites the Airman's Creed as a group at Roll Call.


  • Do not be late.


Enjoy the journey! Journal and take photos (when you can) of your experience.