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  • Airmen from the 113th Wing Deploy to U.S. Central Command

    More than 200 members of the 113th Wing deployed to Prince Sultan Air Base, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, to project combat airpower in support of U.S. Central Command operations in the region, increasing the defensive capabilities and preserving operational depth in the Arabian Peninsula.  F-16 Fighting Falcon pilots, maintenance crews and other
  • Air National Guard Nurse Supports 59th Presidential Inauguration Despite Hardship

    Maj. Angela Cronan, 113th Medical Group, D.C. Air National Guard, provided support to the 59th Presidential Inauguration only months after losing her husband Chris. Cronan was given the option to withdraw from supporting the event, however Cronan chose to honor her late husband's spirit and make her children proud by supporting the historical event.
  • Always Ready, Always There: D.C. National Guard Provides Assistance for Peaceful Transition of Power

    In past presidential inaugurations, the District of Columbia National Guard has escorted presidents, marched in ceremonial parades, conducted crowd management and ensured the safety of participants of the event. While the D.C. National Guard plays no less pivotal a role, this year is turning out to be a bit different.
  • A Look Back at 2020: D.C. National Guard Civil Unrest Mission

    The D.C. National Guard was called upon to support the district’s first responders in May 2020 as protests spread across the nation following the death of George Floyd. The mission was the biggest activation of D.C. National Guard soldiers and airmen in over 40 years since the civil rights movement.
  • D.C. National Guard Plays Historical Role in Presidential Inaugurations

    The District of Columbia National Guard is preparing to provide logistical and ceremonial support to the 59th Presidential Inauguration. The National Guard has a proud history of supporting the event every four years while balancing safety and security.
  • A Look Back at 2020: D.C. National Guard COVID-19 Response Efforts

    The District of Columbia National Guard has been providing support for the capital region’s response effort for COVID-19 since March 2020. In the early weeks of the outbreak, creative solutions were necessary to address challenges that arose from the pandemic – shortages in hospital beds and personal protective equipment, the need for social distancing, among many others. The D.C. National Guard’s COVID-19 support missions included creating standalone hospital rooms, helping maintain social distancing guidelines and sewing masks.
  • 113th Wing Fighter Air Defense Center of Excellence Hosts Guardian Shield 20-02

    The District of Columbia Air National Guard designed and hosted Guardian Shield 20-02 Sept. 21-25, the largest live-fly cruise missile defense exercise ever held by the Department of Defense. The multi-service, mass-participant exercise tested cruise missile defense tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) designed to meet the NORTHCOM mission of deterring, detecting and defeating threats to the United States. Outcomes from the exercise will help develop and refine cruise missile defense expertise and tactics that can be called upon by Combatant Commands when the need arises.
  • Interview with the Author: Senior Airman Nicholas Cammaroto

    A former Capital Guardian from Southern Maryland is trading his wrench for a pen in a way that is impacting people all around the world with a powerful message. Senior Airman Nicholas Cammaroto, an F-16 Falcon crew chief turned recruiter, has authored his first book, “You Are Loved,” which aims to remind people of their inherent value and self-worth by sharing several experiences from his tour in the honor guard.
  • 113th Wing airmen credited with saving a life

    Airmen from the 113th Wing, D.C. Air National Guard, performed life-saving CPR on a civilian jogger at the Lincoln Memorial, June 4, 2020.
  • In the Time of Coronavirus: Reflections of a D.C. Guardsman

    2nd Lt. Deborah Ou-Yang reflects on her experience as a student at the Defense Information School’s Public Affairs Qualification Course, as a public affairs officer in the D.C. Air National Guard, and as a foreign officer in the State Department during the COVID-19 pandemic.