Units This page briefly describes the individual units that make up the 113th Wing. Learn about the hardworking men and women who call themselves the "Capital Guardians," working everyday to keep our nation safe.

Wing Staff

  • Wing Staff
  • Command Post
  • Financial Management
  • Chaplain
  • JAG
  • Safety Office
  • Military Equal Opportunity
  • Public Affairs / Visual Information

Mission Support Group

  • Civil Engineer Squadron
  • Logistics Readiness Squadron
  • Security Forces Squadron
  • Communications Flight
  • Mission Support Contracting
  • Mission Support Flight
  • Services Flight

Medical Group

  • Medical Group

Maintenance Group

  • Maintenance Squadron
  • Aircraft Generation Squadron
  • Maintenance Operations Flight

Operations Group

  • 121st Fighter Squadron
  • Operations Support Flight
  • Air Sovereignty Detachment

201st Airlift Squadron

201st Airlift Squadron