Family Readiness and Support

Family Readiness and Support Our Family Readiness and Support Office (FRSO) is the District of Columbia Air National Guard focal point for families and family matters. We are open weekdays and during Unit Training Assembly weekends to provide services to commanders, Guard members (current and retired) and their families. We also have pre-deployment briefings and newcomer family orientation. If you have questions, concerns or problems, we can help. Give us a call or stop by for a visit; the door is always open.

Our Mission

Ensuring readiness, supporting the needs and providing services to Guardsmen and their families before, during and after deployments and activations.

Four Areas of Service

- Information and referrals, counseling and follow-up with agencies such as Red Cross, Human Services, United Way, Legal Aid, Tricare and Social Services

- Coordination and consultation with other agencies to strengthen and benefit D.C. Air National Guard family policies and programs

- Assist unit commanders and first sergeants in their efforts to meet family needs

- Present family life education and skills programs, like Financial Management, Family Member Career Focus, Deployment and Family Separation Seminars

Family-Related Links

Our list of links has several Web sites we know will be helpful to you and your family members. Take a look. If you have others you would like for us to add for everyone's benefit, please send us an e-mail at Thanks.

Contact Us

D.C. ANG Family Readiness and Support Office (FRSO)
24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Office: 240-857-9746
Mobile: 301-980-6074
Fax: 240-857-0266

Physical Address:
D.C. ANG Family Readiness and Support Office (FRSO)
Room 106
3252 E. Perimeter Road
Andrews AFB, MD 20762-5411