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To see if your application have been received for Full-time employment call 202-685-9761. For Technician or AGR Employment Questions please call 202-685-9761, DSN 325-9761.

All application must received on or before closing date by 1630.

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Read our list of frequently asked questions related to Air National Guard recruiting.


Join the Capital Guardians Today!

Join the Capital Guardians Today! It's a tough job market out there. Employers don't always have the time or money to train new workers. They're looking for people with specialized skills who can take the initiative and jump right into a job.

The D.C. Air National Guard will put you on the path to a successful career in a field such as engineering, medical, electronics, communications -- the list goes on. You'll learn from some of the best and the brightest. And you'll train on some of the most sophisticated equipment in the world.

Just give your best to your state and country for as little as two days a month and 15 active-duty days a year. In return, you'll get a good paycheck, along with many military benefits like educational programs, base exchange and commissary privileges, and low-cost life insurance.

So if you've set your career goals a little higher, join the people who can take you there -- the D.C. Air National Guard.

Officer- Part Time


The 113th Wing is now accepting applications for a Drill Status Guardsman (Part-time) State/Wing Chaplain.  This is for current Air Force Component (USAF/AFR/ANG) Chaplains (AFSC: 52R3) with the rank of Major to Lt Col.  Being eligible for promotion to Lt Col is highly desired.   We will be accepting applications until June 28, 2018 (up to 1500hrs/3:00pm EST).  Interview notifications will be sent NLT July 3, 2018.  The in-person board will be held on July 13, 2018. 

 Please include the following items in ONE/SINGLE PDF FILE:

1.  Official Military Biography/Resumé with official photograph

2. vMPF Record Review

3. AFFMS Fitness test score sheet

4. 3 Letters of Recommendation

5. A statement of intent, stating why you would like to serve as the Lead Chaplain for the 113th Wing DCANG

6. Last 5 OPRs (if any are missing state the reason why and fix to attain).

Please send the PDF file to:


The 113th Maintenance Squadron is now accepting applications for a Drill Status Guardsman (Part-time) Munitions and Missile Maintenance Officer (Air Force Specialty Code 21M3). This is for the F-16 Aircraft ONLY. We will accept applications until June 14, 2018 (up to 1500hrs/3:00pm EST). Interview notifications will take place NLT June 20, 2018. The in-person board will be held on July 21, 2018.

Note: If you're currently a 21M3, or Commissioned Officer in the AF, AFR, or ANG, please only send your Resume, vMPF Record Review, and AFFMS Fitness Test.

Enlisted Members or Branches other than USAF:

Please review and follow the Line Officer Guide, click here

Please send completed applications and inquiries to: 


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113WF- enlisted


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