Our Mission

Our Mission

Welcome to the official public Web site of the 113th Wing, home of the "Capital Guardians." This Web site is provided as a public service through the cooperative efforts of the 113th Wing Public Affairs office, the District of Columbia Air National Guard and the Air National Guard.

Capital Guardians: Proven, Vigilant...Ready!


The 113th Wing, Capital Guardians have a proud history of "protecting our nation's capital and serving our nation's leadership."  We are committed to providing our nation with fighter, airlift and support forces capable of global employment; to provide air sovereignty forces to defend the Nation's Capital and to provide the community with support during emergencies.

At times, the D.C. Air National Guard has been ordered to duty for as many as 24 separate events ranging from Presidential Inauguration support to support of the D.C. Metropolitan Police during mass rallies and demonstrations. Our Aerospace Control Alert Detachment is the most active ACA in the nation, surpassing 5,000 alert events since September 11, 2001.

Whether it's demonstrating peacetime heroism within our communities - or being mobilized for a national emergency, the 113th Wing, D.C. Air National Guard continues to serve as the Capital Guardians and to protect America.

ANG State Mission

When Air National Guard units are not mobilized or under federal control, they report to the governor of their respective state, territory (Puerto Rico, Guam, Virgin Islands) or the commanding general of the District of Columbia National Guard. Each of the 54 National Guard organizations is supervised by the adjutant general of the state or territory. Under state law, the Air National Guard provides protection of life, property and preserves peace, order and public safety. These missions are accomplished through emergency relief support during natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes and forest fires; search and rescue operations; support to civil defense authorities; maintenance of vital public services and counterdrug operations.

ANG Federal Mission

The Air National Guard's federal mission is to maintain well-trained, well-equipped units available for prompt mobilization during war and provide assistance during national emergencies (such as natural disasters or civil disturbances). During peacetime, the combat-ready units and support units are assigned to most Air Force major commands to carry out missions compatible with training, mobilization readiness, humanitarian and contingency operations such as Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan.

Mission, Vision & Strategy

The 113th Wing will defend the National Capital Region, provide exceptional lift to enable global engagement of national leaders, provide resilient fighter and support forces capable of rapid global employment and support the District of Columbia and local communities.

To be an elite team of citizen Airmen, prepared for any mission, serving locally, defending nationally, and engaging globally.

Strategy is about choices - by focusing on our mission, our vision and our strategic goals and objectives, we will make choices in our actions, our priorities and our allocation of time, effort and resources which support our strategic goals. 

As the foundation of our strategy, we have developed three priorities which are derived from Air Force and Joint Headquarters D.C. guidance:

The continuance of the Capital Guardian legacy of proven excellence and outstanding mission capability utilizing airpower to achieve our National objectives

Recapitalizing our aircraft, equipment, and facilities to optimize our utility and to better meet future challenges

Developing and caring for our Capital Guardians and their families 

Capital Guardians: Proven, Vigilant...Ready!

Our Creed

District of Columbia
Air National Guard

Proven, Vigilant ... Ready!

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