121st Weather Flight hosts workshop

  • Published
  • By SSgt Tabitha Gomes
  • 113th Wing Public Affiars
The D.C. Air National Guard held a Weather Workshop August 13 to 17 at Joint Base Andrews. Senior Master Sgt. Lynne Morrison, 121st Weather Flight Meteorological Technician, coordinated the event and said there were close to 100 guests from various units across the ANG.

"Air National Guard Weather Flights came from all over the Continental U.S. and Hawaii, including 28 flagged flights and 32 embedded units," said Sergeant Morrison.

The workshop discussed various topics such as mission essential activities, deployments, and where the future of weather flights in the ANG is headed.

Lt. Col Thyra Bishop, weather officer, 142nd Fighter Wing, Ore., explained the overall goal of weather flights.

"Our main goal is to provide mission essential weather reports to the operators," said Colonel Bishop.

Weather in the Air National Guard provides support for 3 distinct operations: Air support, Army support, and special operations. They deploy quite a bit too, as in the past five years, 50 percent of weather's special operations deployable personnel have been deployed, with a total of 1,600 deployments since 2001.

Weather has been without a Functional Area Manager (FAM) for years so the main goal for this workshop was to introduce the new FAM, Mr. Ken Campbell.

"Attendees got the chance to get acquainted with their new Functional Area Manager and discuss concerns" Sergeant Morrison said.

Col. Bill Thomas, ANG assistant to Air Force Director of Weather, also spoke to attendees and provided insight about the possible career field at risk for reduction under Presidential Budget 2013.

"As with any Workshop, it is a chance to exchange information, address training issues, exchange ideas in the area of equipment, latest technology, address concerns in the areas of equipment and training, standardization and updates, discuss upcoming inspections, and town hall meeting for general questions."

Even though the workshop is not something that can be done often due to budget cuts, it was an opportunity to train, share new information as well as get acquainted with leadership. Sergeant Morrison hopes the event will become a common, if not annual event.

"Overall the workshop was a resounding success providing the ANG weather career field with replenished enthusiasm about our future in our viability, leadership, and technology," said Sergeant Morrsion.