201st Airlift Squadron offers flight to military spouses

  • Published
  • By Airman First Class Jennifer Hotte
  • 113WG Public Affairs
Why should all the military members have all the fun?

Nineteen deserving spouses of 113th Wing members were given the opportunity to travel on a C-40C to circle around the Wright Brothers Monument in Ohio and return to Joint Base Andrews to get a first-hand experience of what their spouses do for a living.

"It was our way of showing the spouses how much they are appreciated and gives them a chance to see what their husbands do every day," said event coordinator Maj. Brian Zullo.

The spouses were treated the same as all other dignitaries that fly with the 201st Airlift Squadron. They received VIP treatment, including lunch, a warm towel, and drink refills.
As the spouses departed, members of the 201 AS saluted the spouses when the C-40 passed as they would have saluted a VIP.

"It was amazing that they were able to get all of these military spouses together," says Regimal Vazquez, wife of Tech. Sgt. Jose Vazquez.

The spouses had a chance to have some fun during the flight as well. While in-flight, they held a raffle allowing two women to be in the cockpit for departure and the landing.

"It was an awesome experience! I've been on plenty of planes before, but I've never seen it from that angle," said raffle winner 2nd Lt. Ganielle Hooper, wife of 201 AS pilot
Maj. Otis Hooper.

Since it was the majority of the wives' first spouse flight, they did not know what to expect from a trip on a military aircraft. However, they were all astonished by the spaciousness of the C-40.

"I am incredibly impressed," says first timer Nicole McCloskey, wife of 201 AS member Tech. Sgt. Benjamin McCloskey.

The first of its kind in three years, the 201st is hoping to have a spouse's flight annually. Kendall Splawn, wife of 201st pilot 1st Lt. Brandon Splawn, believes the flights are a great way to show support to the spouses who sacrifice their loved ones continually for the mission. "I feel very fortunate and privileged. They really put a lot of effort into this and it shows."