Air National Guard Command Chief Urges Airman to “Tell Their Story”

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt Gareth Buckland
  • 113WG Public Affairs
The Air National Guard's highest ranking enlisted person emphasized the contributions of National Guard Airmen in shaping the foundation of the United States during his visit to the 113th Wing, District of Columbia Air National Guard, April 17, 2011.
Command Chief Master Sgt. Christopher Muncy, Air National Guard Command Chief was invited to talk with enlisted members in an informal town hall meeting during which he encouraged Airman to tell their story and the importance of telling their story.
"Are you telling your story?" Command Chief Muncy asked the group "Are you telling them who you are as an Air Guardsman, because that is the only way they are going to know who you are."
Command Chief Muncy said as budgets throughout the Air Force continue to shrink, educating the total force about the importance of the Air Guard's role continues to shrink proportionately.

As one example, he cited the Air Guard-specific instruction at the Air Force Senior NCO Academy. During the 18-week instruction, only one hour is devoted to telling the Air National Guard story. The Air Force recently proposed cutting the hour-long session out of their NCOA completely, he said.

He believes this de-emphasis on the importance of Air Guard missions continue to perpetuate misconceptions about the Air National Guard.

Command Chief Muncy said, "In D.C., how are Congressional members going to know that this is the money we need, this is the equipment we need, how do they know ... by you telling your story."

"We have an identity crisis people need to know who we are. It is a budget fight and it is escalating, and is now trickling down to defense," he added.
After the town hall meeting the Command Chief had the opportunity to visit Airmen working in their shops and to talk with senior leadership. He visited the air sovereignty mission, the bomb-dump maintenance hangar, and the 201st Airlift Squadron where he toured one of the units C-40 aircraft.
During a lunch with junior enlisted award winners Command Chief Muncy again stressed the needs for the troops to tell their story but added, "Our biggest strength is our airman I enjoy coming out to the units getting to talk to them, getting to hear their story, hear their needs, see what they are doing and to see how proud they are of their mission."