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  • "Capital Guardians" protecting the nation's skies: D.C. Air Guard reaches historic milestone of 5,000 alert calls

    EDITOR'S NOTE:  This article is the first of a two-part series on the D.C. Air National Guard's Aerospace Control Alert mission.The 113th Wing's Aerospace Control Alert (ACA) Detachment reached a milestone of responding to 5,000 alert events, a historic first in the nation, March 21."We have had 'Capital Guardians' on point, vigilant and ready to
  • D.C. Air National Guard to reach historic milestone protecting nation's skies

    The D.C. Air National Guard's 113th Wing Aerospace Control Alert (ACA) Detachment here is on the verge of achieving 5,000 alert events since September 11, 2001, making it the most active ACA in the nation.As part of the federal government's efforts to protect U.S. airspace, the ACA mission includes aerospace control forces arrayed in a rapid
  • Air National Guard captivates fans at Wizards NBA game

    Rising in unison and clapping feverously as if Merlin himself had cast a spell, a frenzy swept the crowd at the Verizon Center Feb. 24. It wasn't the local NBA basketball team, the Washington Wizards, causing the commotion, but the men and women standing proudly center court that roused the fans to cheer and many to stand. The evening highlighted
  • Mission complete, partnership stronger

    District of Columbia National Guard and Jamaican Defence Force soldiers and airmen wrapped up a weeklong subject matter expert exchange here Friday.During the course of the week, the combined and joint team of vehicle mechanics shared best practices on wheeled vehicle maintenance.After a daylong orientation of the JDF's various vehicles and
  • Getting hands dirty: U.S., Jamaican mechanics collaborate on ground vehicles

    "Are you a pilot?"This is a common question asked of Airmen across the Air Force.What many people unfamiliar with the Air Force may not realize is that while the percentage of Airmen who are pilots is low, the rest of the service supports the Air Force's mission to fly, fight and win. In fact, the daily lives and responsibilities of Airmen in the
  • D.C. soldiers, airmen work alongside Jamaican partners

    District of Columbia National Guard soldiers and airmen kicked off a weeklong subject matter expert exchange with their Jamaican Defence Force counterparts Monday.The team of wheeled vehicle maintenance experts will spend one week working alongside their JDF colleagues, also vehicle maintenance experts, to share best practices and ultimately learn
  • D.C. Airmen protect Nation's capital at Veterans Day concert

    Nearly 100 Airmen of the D.C. Air National Guard spent their Veterans Day volunteering in support of the District of Columbia's security measures for HBO's Concert for Valor Nov. 11."There's nothing else I'd rather do on Veterans Day than to help out," said Airman 1st Class Cayla Clark. "This is what we signed up for, even if we have to volunteer
  • Deployed D.C. Guard members inspire school children in the Australian Outback

    D.C. Air National Guard members, the aptly named 'Capital Guardians', took time to plant seeds of friendship with Australian youngsters during their recent deployment to Royal Australian Air Force Base Tindal, Australia.        Approximately 20 pilots, maintainers, medics, and life support Airmen visited  McFarlane Primary School in Katherine,
  • Welcome message from the 113th Wing Commander

    Hello Capital Guardians!I want to take this opportunity to introduce myself and say hello. I started as your new wing commander a few months ago and I have been out meeting as many of you as possible. I am impressed with the professionalism and positive attitudes and I look forward to meeting each one of you. General Sasseville left the wing in
  • Air National Guard members participate in Region-3 emergency management training exercise

    More than 40 Air National Guard emergency management specialists participated in an emergency management training exercise June 21-28. Comprised of Air National Guardsmen from the District of Columbia, Delaware, Maryland, and Pennsylvania, the Region-3 EMT tested emergency managers' knowledge, preparedness, and responsiveness in the event of a